Thursday, 2 Jul 2015

Since then each new version (CC, CC2014, CC2015) of the programs that I use daily has become slower and clunkier. In particular Illustrator CC2015 compared to CS6, is just a dog.

So much of this. I couldn't agree with Rami more. The silver lining is that a whole generation of designers are growing up not using Adobe, so give or take a few years we will see Adobe's Capone like grip on the creative industries wane.

I've never heavily used Photoshop (I don't think crop counts) but I can certainly vouch that Illustrator is bloated, crashes constantly and if I'm honest, it hasn't progressed in any fashion since CS5. That's not even mentioning the piece of crap that is the creative cloud app (it's built in FUCKING air), feels like it deserves a place in the status bar (it doesn't) and exactly what in hades is it doing running in the background anyway?

For reference, Pixelmator has all but replaced Photoshop (I still keep an old copy to open client files), and between FontLab and Sketch I'm fairly happy illustration wise. I still miss freehand.