Devon Zuegel on London

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019

Another apt description of London Town:

I came in with low expectations, expecting a drab, grey metropolis congested with traffic and filled with suited financiers scurrying from place to place. What I found was an agglomeration of charming urban villages, each with their own specific flavor. They were pedestrian-friendly, spotted with parks, and draped with trees, and the people-watching was great.

This is my go to analogy to explain the city, think of it as a patchwork of villages that mesh together and you'll have a better time understanding why the transport behaves as it does, and how differing areas have varying atmospheres, types of commerce, accents and slang.

It's worth mentioning that (a) I primarily stayed on the north end of the river and (b) the weather was unusually sunny and warm for late October. In other words, I doubt I got a representative snapshot of London. Nevertheless, my brief exploration of London may have been my favorite city walk I've done.

This line made me giggle. If you are visiting London, stay north of the river. There's VERY little south of it of interest, historical or cultural. South Londoners who differ, y'all can fight me.